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Selected results achieved by EATRIS-CZ institutions and external users of the infrastructure.

2016 Publications

2016 Impact Factor Journals

USSI, A., M. REBOLI, M. THORAT, F. BIETRIX, A. FAUVEL, M. HAJDÚCH, C. HILL, I. WALKER, M. VAN ENGLAND, J. CUZICK, G. MEIJER. Letter to the editor: Assessing opportunities for coordinated R&D in early cancer detection and management in Europe. International Journal of Cancer. 2016, 140 (7), 1700-1701. ISSN: 0020-7136. IF: 5.531. PMID: 279432650 

LITHWICK-YANAI, G., N. DROMI, A. SHTABSKY, S. MORGENSTERN, Y. STRENOV, M. FEINMESSER, V. KRAVTSOV, M. LEON, M. HAJDÚCH, S. ALI, C. VANDENBUSSCHE, C. ZHANG, L. LEIDER-TREJO, A. ZUBKOV, S. VOROBYOV, M. KUSHNIR, Y. GOREN, S. TABAK, E. KADOSH, H. BENJAMIN, T. SCHNITZER-PERLMAN, H. MARMOR, M. MOTIN, D. LEBANONY, S. KREDO-RUSSO, H. MITCHELL, M. NOLLER, A. SMITH, O. DATTNER, K. ASKHENAZI, M. SANDEN, K. BERLIN, D. BAR, E. MEIRI. Multicentre validation of a microRNA-based assay for diagnosing indeterminate thyroid nodules utilising fine needle aspirate smears. Journal of Clinical Pathology. 2016, 70 (6), 500-507. ISSN: 0021-9746. IF: 2.912. PMID: 27798083 

STEPANKOVA, M., K. KRASULOVÁ, A. DORCICAKOVA, O. KURKA, P. ANZENBACHER, Z. DVORAK. Optical isomers of dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers display enantiospecific effects on the expression and enzyme activities of human xenobiotics-metabolizing cytochromes P450. Toxicology Letters. 2016, 16 (262), 173-186. ISSN: 0378-4274. IF: 3.522. PMID: 27732883 

POLISHCHUK, P., O. TINKOV, T. KHRISTOVA, L. OGNICHENKO, A. KOSINSKAYA, A. VARNEK, V. KUZMIN. Structural and Physico-Chemical Interpretation (SPCI) of QSAR Models and Its Comparison with Matched Molecular Pair Analysis. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. 2016, 56 (8), 1455-1469. ISSN: 1549-9596. IF: 3.657. PMID: 27419846 

GALANOS, P., K. VOUGAS, D. WALTER, A. POLYZOS, A. MAYA-MENDOZA, E. HAAGENSEN, A. KOKKALIS, F. ROUMELIOTI, S. GAGOS, M. TZETIS, B. CANOVAS, A. IGEA, A. AHUJA, R. ZELLWEGER, S. HAVAKI, E. KANAVAKIS, D. KLETSAS, I. RONINSON, S. GARBIS, M. LOPES, A. NEBREDA, D. THANOS, J. BLOW, P. TOWNSEND, C. SORENSEN, J. BÁRTEK, V. GOURGOULIS. Chronic p53-independent p21 expression causes genomic instability by deregulating replication licensing. Nature Cell Biology. 2016, 18 (7), 777-789. ISSN: 1465-7392. IF: 18.699. PMID: 27323328 

GILLILAND, C., D. ZUK, P. KOCIS, M. JOHNSON, S. HAY, M. HAJDÚCH, F. BIETRIX, G. AVERSA, C. AUSTIN, A. USSI. Putting translational science on to a global stage. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. 2016, 15, 217-219. ISSN: 1474-1776. IF: 41.908. PMID: 27032820 

PERLÍKOVÁ, P., G. RYLOVÁ, P. NAUŠ, T. ELBERT, E. TLOUŠŤOVÁ, A. BOURDERIOUX, L. SLAVĚTÍNSKÁ, K. MOTYKA, D. DOLEŽAL, P. ZNOJEK, A. NOVÁ, M. HARVANOVÁ, P. DŽUBÁK, M. ŠILLER, J. HLAVÁČ, M. HAJDÚCH, M. HOCEK. 7-(2-Thienyl)-7-deazaadenosine (AB61), a new potent nucleoside cytostatic with a complex mode of action. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2016, 15 (5), 922-937. ISSN: 1535-7163. IF: 5.683. PMID: 26819331 

NAJDEKR, L., D. FRIEDECKÝ, R. TAUTENHAHN, T. PLUSKAL, J. WANG, Y. HUANG, T. ADAM. Influence of Mass Resolving Power in Orbital Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics. Analytical Chemistry. 2016, 88 (23), 11429-11435. ISSN: 0003-2700. IF: 5.886. PMID: 27809493

MASIN, J., A. OSICKOVA, A. SUKOVA A, R. FISER, P. HALADA, L. BUMBA, I. LINHARTOVA, R. OSICKA, P. SEBO. Negatively charged residues of the segment linking the enzyme and cytolysin moieties restrict the membrane-permeabilizing capacity of adenylate cyclase toxin. Scientific Reports. 2016, 6, 29137. ISSN: 2045-2322. IF: 5.228. PMID: 27581058