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Decentralized access to EATRIS-CZ infrastructure

Upon project proposal submission (click here to open the online form), the project will be passed to the Executive board. The project proposal submitted should contain non-confidential data only. Further documents and more detailed description might be requested to direct the further process.

With the users aiming for the open access, Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and (if necessary), Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) will be signed with the institute(s) selected for participation in the project to define the usage of future results and to effectively discuss the project proposal in detail.

Positively evaluated projects will receive opinion from researchers in the respective field of expertise (depending on the platform selected) and Executive Board to realistically define goals. Comments will aim for general improvement of the proposed project.

Approved project will lead to a pilot experiment. The data collected in a small-scale pilot will serve as a basis for design refinement for the following phases of the project and will help to de-risk the project as such.

Final results, together with all relevant project documentation will be passed to the user in the form reflecting the MTA and open access policy – typically in a form of comprehensive report.

Data/results generated during the provision of services outside open access policy (commercial access, user pays the full cost of the service) will follow the terms and conditions stated in the CDA.


Open access to data: Data ownership and protection, including personal data protection, is a very sensitive issue in translational medicine research. Therefore, an open access to data is under the responsibility of individual EATRIS-CZ Institutes. Open access is usually provided to gene expression data, proteomics and genome sequencing data before or in parallel with publication. Limited access is also provided to chemical compound screening data deposited at PubChem or MedchemBio databases based on individual agreements with projects partners or clients.